Gateway Farm & Pet

59 Russell Rd. Huntington MA 01050 (413) 667-2279

Summer is here!

Wood pellets, bio-bricks, and coal are in stock.  Buy yours now to get the best deal and avoid potential shortages later - stop in!

Drop by Monday-Saturday to pick up all of your lawncare, garden, and pest control needs!

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Gateway Farm & Pet is a propane fill station, and if you need a tank, we sell them too. We make keys and hydraulic hoses. We also stock a large selection of hardware, including electrical, plumbing, automotive, as well as lawn & garden, and pest control products. Some of the items we stock are:


Some of our hardware selection

Lawn & Garden

part of our lawn and garden assortment

Chemicals & Fertilizers

we stock a wide varitey of lawn and garden chemicals

Chain Saw Supplies

some of our loggers' supplies


part of our auto parts inventory
  • Windshield wipers
  • Gas cans
  • Motor oil: Amalie, Wolf's Head, Mobile 1, Amsoil
  • Deisel 911 treatment
  • Wix oil & air filters
  • Antifreeze, Windshield washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Engine cleaner, W-40
  • Pb blaster
  • Interstate batteries

Rodent Control


We carry many common plumbing supplies



...and a large assortment of eletrical supplies